On April 11, 2019, a sectional meeting was held within the framework of the conference

Report on the conference sectional meeting number 6

Section “Extemporal and industrial drug technology”

On April 11, 2019, a sectional meeting was held at the Department of Industrial Pharmacy at the XXVІ International scientific and practical Conference of young scientists and students «TOPICAL ISSUES OF NEW DRUG DEVELOPMENT» conference. According to the results of the conference, all scientists were awarded diplomas for active scientific work and prizes:

I degree diploma: Kozak Lyubov, 3-year student of the 1st group, specialty “Pharmacy”, scientific advisor – Ph.D. Sciences, assoc. prof. Kovaleva T.M.

II degree diploma: Daria Egorova, 5th year student of the 10th group, specialty Pharmacy, scientific advisor  – professor Polovko N.P.

II degree diploma: Mihaylik Diana, 2nd year student of group 1, specialty “Pharmacy”, supervisor – Dr. Pharm. Sciences, Professor Vishnevskaya L.I.

III degree diploma: Anastasia Kupriyanenko, 3rd-year student of the CIS – 1 group, specialty “Pharmacy”, supervisor – assistant Konovalenko I.S.

III degree diploma: Angela Maximovich, 3rd year student of group 5 and Yulia Nedovesova, 3rd year student of group 5, specialty “Pharmacy”, supervisor – Ph.D. Sciences, Assoc. Bohutskaya A.E.

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