Bogutska О. Ye.

Богуцкая BOGUTSKA Olena Evgenievna – Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, associate professor of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology of Drugs.

Bogutska О. Ye.Bogutska О. Ye.

Graduated with honour  Kotov medical school (1976, Odessa region), with honour – Kharkiv Pharmaceutical Institute (1981). Worked as: provisor-analyst at CRPh № 265, c. Illichivsk Odessa region (1981-1983). Works in NUPh for 36 years: graduate student of the Department of Pharmacology (1983-1986); assistant (1986-1989), senior lecturer (1989-1991), assistant professor of Department of Pharmaceutical Technology of Drugs (since 1991). Works at the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology of Drugs for 34 years already.

Educational and methodical workParticipated in the development of programmers on pharmaceutical technology of drugs and biopharmaceutics and in the preparation of the 78 educational and methodical publications, including 3 textbooks on biopharmaceutics (2003, 2010, 2019), 3 workshops on pharmaceutical technology of drugs (2002, 2014, 2016), 2 workshops on biopharmaceutics (in Russian (2003) and in English (2011), «Guides to training classes in pharmaceutical technology of drugs» (2016), 55 tutorials, 13 methodological recommendations, reference book on extemporal formulation, 3 articles to the “Pharmaceutical Encyclopedia”, test questions for students for the “CROCK-2” exam, etc.

Areas of scientific research: Development of the composition and technology of medicinal products from bee products, homeopathic medicines, extemporaneous medicines. She defended the PhD thesis on the topic «Search and pharmacological investigation of anti-inflammatory medicines in a number of derivatives of heterylsuccinimic acids» (1987). Co-author of the medicine for the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis – tincture “Gretavosk” and lyophilized substance of the tetanus rappel, which are at the stage of preclinical research.

Co-author of more than 212 scientific works, among which – 3 patents, 7 certificates of authorship, 1 monograph, 4 informational letters, 84 articles and 112 abstracts; Hirsch index – 4.

Organizational work .

Head of trade union organization of NUPh (1987-1995). The head teacher of PhTD department (1999–2017). Responsible for the discipline “Biopharmaceutics” (1997–2003). Responsible for preparing students for CROCK-2.

Constantly works with students and young teachers Responsible for mentoring (2005 – 2015 р., since 2017). She has curated several groups of students.

Managed scientific work more than 50 students.

22 theses, 28 master`s theses.

For fruitful work she has been rewarded repeatedly:

the prize for the 1st place in the regional competition of pharmaceutical workers “Best by profession” of the Odessa region (1982);

Diplomas of the regional council of trade unions of medical workers of Kharkiv region;

Gratitudes, awards and diploma of the NUPh.