POLOVKO Natalia Petrivna


POLOVKO Natalia Petrivna – Doctor of Pharmacy, Professor  of Department of Pharmaceutical Technology of Drugs.

POLOVKO Natalia PetrivnaPOLOVKO Natalia PetrivnaPOLOVKO Natalia PetrivnaPOLOVKO Natalia Petrivna

She graduated from the Kharkov Pharmaceutical Institute (1990), in which she works: senior laboratory assistant (1990-1993), assistant (1993-1995) of cosmetic products technology course of Department of ITD; senior lecturer (1995-2001), associate professor (2001-2012) of the Department of Cosmetology and Aromology; professor (since 2012) of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology of Drugs. Since 2015, the head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology of Drugs.

Educational and methodical work. She delivers lectures and conducts practical classes in pharmaceutical technology of drugs, technology of homeopathic medicines and Biopharmaceutics. Co-author of 30 tutorials: “A Practical Guide to Cosmetology and Aromology” (1999), “Fundamentals of Practical Cosmetology” (1999, 2003, 2004), “Instrumental and flowcharts of perfumery and cosmetics” (2001), “Technology of cosmetic and perfumery means” (2002), “Technology of cosmetic and perfumery means” (2009), “Pharmaceutical Technology of Drugs” (2014-2018); 25 guidelines. She participated in the development of a number of standard curriculums for disciplines: “Technology of medicinal cosmetics”, “Technology of perfumery and cosmetic means of industrial production”, “Equipment for perfume and cosmetic industries”, “Modern technologies of perfumery and cosmetic productions”, «Production and application of cosmetic preparations», “Technology of drugs”, “Biopharmaceutical and technological aspects of drug creation”, “Biopharmaceutics”, and practical training on technology of perfumery and cosmetic products, pharmaceutical technology of drugs.

Research work: development and improvement of composition and technology of medicines; co-developer of technical specifications for cosmetics, MQQ and technical regulations on drugs. In 1999 she defended her Ph.D. thesis on the topic “Development of the composition and technology of walnut nuts leaves tincture”. In 2011, she defended her doctoral thesis on the topic “Theoretical and experimental substantiation of the composition and technology of antifungal anhydrous gels with imidazole derivatives”. According to the results of research, 3 medicinal preparations are produced: walnut leaves tincture, gel “Nezo-Pharm”, “Mycocid” and a number of cosmetic products. The author and co-author of more than 300 scientific works, including – 15 patents, 2 articles for the Pharmaceutical Encyclopedia. She has prepared 4 candidates of sciences, supervises the preparation of 2 doctors of sciences and 3 candidates of sciences.

Social activities. She was a member of the working group on the development of educational standards of specialty “Technology of perfumery and cosmetic products” (2000-2008). Deputy editor of «News of Pharmacy».

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