Zuikina Svitlana Sergiyivna

зуйкинаZUYKINA Svetlana Sergeevna (24.12.1970, Kharkiv) – Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of Pharmacy Technology of Drugs.

Zuikina Svitlana SergiyivnaZuikina Svitlana Sergiyivna

She graduated from the Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Academy (1993), where she works: senior laboratory assistant (1993-1994), post-graduate student (1998-2001), associate professor (since 2005) of the Department of Pharmacy Technology of Drug. D.P. Sala. Responsible for the robot SSS (2008-2015); the expert of the All-Ukrainian testing center for preparation for the licensed exam “Krok-2” (2008-2010), member of the specialized examination board (2011-2016), responsible for mentoring and holding the Olympiad in ATL (from 2013), responsible for the preparation and conduct of classes on discipline “Biopharmacy” (2015-2016), methodologist of the department (since 2016).

Educational and methodical work. He reads lectures, conducts laboratory classes and seminars on the disciplines “Pharmacy technology of medicines”, “Technology of medicines”, “Fundamentals of modern homeopathy”, “Technology of homoeopathic medicines”, “Biopharmacy”, “Introduction to pharmacy. Practical classes in pharmacy on the technology of drugs. ” Co-author of 4 training aids (Collection of Tests on Pharmacy Technology of Medicines, 2007, Liniments.Ointments, 2007, Dry, liquid and soft medicinal forms, 2011, Biopharmaceutics, 2011), monograph “Honey Natural in medicine and pharmacy “(2010), 4 workshops and 16 methodological recommendations.

Research work. She defended the candidate’s thesis on the topic: “Development of the composition and technology of ear drops on the basis of propolis tincture” (2002). Author and co-author of about 90 printed works (in Ukrainian, Russian and English), among them 6 articles in the Pharmaceutical Encyclopedia, 3 patents of Ukraine, information letters, 26 articles in specialized publications and about 90 abstracts.

She was awarded a diploma of the third degree of the winner in the nomination “The Candidate of Science of the NUPH 2017”.

Scientific research is the development of the composition and technology of medicines for the complex treatment of mastopathy based on medicinal plant material.