ZUIKINA Elizaveta Volodymyrivna

ZUIKINA Elizaveta VolodymyrivnaZuikina Yelyzaveta Vladimirovna – PhD, assistant professor of Drug Technology

ZUIKINA Elizaveta VolodymyrivnaZUIKINA Elizaveta VolodymyrivnaZUIKINA Elizaveta Volodymyrivna

Graduated from the National Pharmaceutical University (2017). works: master’s student (2009-2010), laboratory assistant (2016-2017), senior laboratory assistant (from 2017-2020), postgraduate student of the Department of Drug Technology (2017-2021), assistant of the Department of Pharmacy Technology of Drugs (from 2021) of the National University of Science and Technology. Performed the duties of secretary of methodological meetings of the Department of Pharmacy Technology of Medicines (since 2019), secretary of the Department of Pharmacy Technology of Medicines (since 2021).
In 2022, she completed a series of online training courses for teaching, research
and teaching staff of educational institutions of all levels as part of the Google Digital Tools for Education program, and received basic, intermediate, and advanced level certificates.
Educational and methodical work. Conducts laboratory and seminar classes on pharmacy drug technology, drug technology, biopharmaceutical homeopathic drug technology.
Scientific research work. She defended her candidate’s dissertation (2021) on the topic “Experimental justification of emulsion bases usage in extemporaneous semi-solid drugs” (supervisor – Professor N. P. Polovko). She is the author and co-author of more than 35 scientific works, including 3 newsletters, 2 patents of Ukraine, 10 scientific articles (including in the Scopus scientific database), more than 20 theses.